Jump Up

safety cone and helmetSafety First


Double Bouncing

Double Bouncing

is the leading cause of trampoline injuries.

Double Flips

double flips

are not allowed.

Flip Sequences

flip sequences

can cause you to lose control.



includes pushing, fighting, wrestling. Just jump and have fun.

Lying on Tramps

lying on trampolines

or sitting on trampolines can result in you being injured by another jumper.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls

you can bounce off them, but don’t climb or hang from them.

Drugs and Booze

drugs & booze

Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at jump up.

Dangly Things

dangly things

remove all phones, watches, jewellery, ties, chains etc. before jumping.

Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits

Trampoline tricks are dangerous. Don't try any tricks unless properly trained.

Food Or Drink

Food Or Drink

Don't take food or drink on the trampolines. You might make a mess!

One at a time

One at a time

Only one person should jump on a trampoline at a time.

Look out

Look Out

Always look out for other jumpers and keep safe!

Stay Centered

stay centered

Jumpers should remain in the centre of their trampolines.


trampoline socks

these provide grip that stop you from slipping. Available at jump up.

Follow The Rules

Follow the Rules

Our JumpUp bouncers will be watching out for all rule breakers. Don't be one!

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jump up waiver form

before getting on a trampoline everyone must have a signed waiver form.
save time by downloading the waiver form here.

download waiver